NaNoWriMo 2016

As I join NaNoWriMo mid-November, after taking a pause from my documentary,  I  update my author’s profile and I’m amazed at how my path and interests have changed.  I view my life differently and certainly have learned so much since November 2014.  My novel from November 2014, of 40,000 words is still on hold….but I will finish it, maybe not this month but it will be finished and self-published.  I am glad to look back to see where I was and how much my creative path has changed.  I may wander off into camera-land for months at a time but I find peace when I return to the page. GO NaNoWriMo!


The Lee Rascone Sr Documentary at Aloft – WEST END AVE, NASHVILLE TN

2014 – NaNoWriMo Author’s Profile

I moved from New York State to Nashville in 2013 to pursue songwriting.  During my first year I discovered my passion for screenplay, short story and novel writing!   I still write songs but I have found the unexpected joy in writing beyond the song writing limitations.  I need more space to describe and show dialogue.  I have a great writer’s group that I belong to and they are my support.

2016 – NaNoWriMo Author’s Profile
I am a flash-fiction romance writer along, songwriter and documentarian, director and producer.  I am mainly hooked on anything romance, except I do enjoy Date Line Mysteries on a Friday night.  What sets me apart from the others?  I am following my dream later than sooner, I’m a hard worker, I’m a go-to-girl, I will figure out a way when I’m stuck, I believe being joyful is right now…..not later.   This reads like an interview on what are my strengths.  My downfalls then?  Learning to let go of a project or setting it aside to get clarity but not viewing it as a failure. Remembering I am not an editor. Falling in love by week four.  Relying on Kroger to have Rice Milk in stock at all times. Last but not least, call upon others and offer help to others in collaboration in this creative life.   So let my 3rd November Novel bring words to the page.


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