Dad & Heather – September 1974

This is my favorite picture of my Dad.  This is a rare photo of us together.  Since he was the photographer of the family,  we have very few pictures of him and especially of us together. I was his helper in the yard.  I loved being with him as a young girl before my teenage years hit.  In this picture we were probably at the end of tomato season and prepping the ground for winter. Our tomatoes always grew on the East Side of the house where the sun was the strongest.  I would water them in the summer and help weed and mulch.  They were so tasty!  My Mom would can them for the winter use, along with sharing extras with our neighbors.

My Dad was a hard worker, both at his corporate job and at our home.  In the summer he would come home, have a beer in the gold reclining chair and get some yard work done before dinner at 5:30. He would head back out after dinner to mow, stack wood, trim the grass in the sidewalk cracks (that was my job actually) and work on the car if necessary.  He was a man of all trades.  The man was a go-getter, he could do anything he set his mind to.

My favorite time with Dad was working side by side in the yard.  Just the two of us.  We really didn’t talk much but we were together.  I loved helping him make the yard look better or pick the tomatoes off the vines.  This memory has always stayed with me. Every time I cut into a ripe, red, juicy tomato I think of how we grew our own, how Dad taught me to grow tomatoes.  Something so simple as this has been the one memory that has never left me.

It’s never about what people give you in gifts, its the time we spend with each other and how they make us feel.  I felt proud to be Daddy’s helper.  I am to this day proud to call my Dad the BEST FATHER a girl could ever have.


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